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Be Informed

Use our resource tools to gain information, and to know the facts concerning your elected officials.

Make Your Decision

Know who and what you are voting for before you head to the polls. Your vote matters, and your vote makes a difference locally just as much as it does nationally.

Vote with Confidence

Let your voice be heard by heading to the polls with confidence, while voting for your values.

Your Vote = Your Values

As individuals we are driven by values. Our desire is for your vote to line up with the values you have made a conscious effort to prioritize throught every aspect of your life. If you knew that donating a $25 monthly gift could help you keep our elected officials accountable, wouldn’t that be the best $25 you ever spent?

Join the Movement

Everyday elected officials are making decision on your behalf. Join the movement today so you can stay informed, make your decision on who you will vote for, and then head to the polls with confidence to cast your vote.

Our Partners

We are thankful for our partnership with 2ndVote, 2ndVote Advisors, and 2ndVote Funds. Please make sure you check out their different websites and give them a follow on social media.

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